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We are always happy to hear from exceptional candidates who are interested in joining our group. Research projects range from electrical & optical metrology of heat transport, modeling of heat transport in nanostructures, device fabrication and nanostructure characterization, magnetization dynamics and pump-probe techniques. Admissions are considered throughout the year. Postdoctoral candidates are considered only with a well-prepared research and funding plan. We are affiliated with and can supervise students in both graduate programs in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science or Physics and Astronomy. In particular we are currently seeking:

  • one MSc(Physics) or MASc(Electrical Engineering) student to work on heat and electronic transport in 2D materials.

Current group members

Postdoctoral Fellows

RizalConrad Rizal - Dr. Rizal received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering under the supervision on Prof. Nicolas Jaeger at the University of British Columbia in 2012, followed by two postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Victoria with Prof. Alexandre G. Brolo and Byoung-Chul Choi, as well as an NSERC postdoctoral fellowship taken at the University of California, San Diego under the co-supervision of Prof. Eric Fullerton and Prof. Zhaowei Liu. Dr. Rizal was visiting research scientist in the nano-optics group of Prof. Howard H.W. Lee at Baylor University prior to coming to York University as a Mitacs Elevate postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Rizal won the Gold Medal and certificate of academic excellence from the president and head of state of Nepal in 2013, and the prestigious Monbu-kagakusho Graduate Fellowship from the Government of Japan in 1998, among others. His research interests span nanomagnetism, nanoplasmonics and nano-optics, and will be working on magnetoplasmonic-based biosensors.
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Ph.D. Students

ShahzadehMohammadreza Shahzadeh - Reza received his BSc and MSc in Physics from Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran in 2011, and 2014, respectively. For his BSc project, he studied thermally-induced stresses on the human tooth upon laser irradiation, under the supervision of Professor Sabaeian. For his MSc studies, he investigated electronic and optical properties of quantum dots, under the supervision of Professor Sabaeian. He is now a PhD candidate at The HEATED Lab at York University. His main interests include electronic and optical properties of two-dimensional structures.
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Master Students

Olga Andriyevska - Olga received her BA in Sociology Cum Laude and BSc in Physics from York University in 2012 and 2017, respectively. She has been a strong presence in the communities that she belongs to. She has contributed to York’s local Keele and Finch area through non-for-profit work for youth in the marginalized communities, and served many students at York through over 8 years of executive board service on multiple student associations. In summer 2015, Olga received a Research at York (RAY) position, and started working on the McMaster Intense Positron Beamline Facility at the Antimatter Lab under Dr Cody Storry, which she continued for 6 terms. Additionally, in 2015 Olga received the Michael H. Lawee Memorial Award in Sci & Eng. In 2016 she received the Dr. Robert Lundell Achievement Award. In 2017 she was nominated for and received the prestigious Robert Tiffin Student Leadership Award, and her name will be etched onto a display in Vari Hall at York University. In May 2017, she began her Masters in Physics degree by conducting research at CERN in the ATRAP collaboration. In November 2017, Olga joined the HEATED lab to continue her Masters in Physics degree with research interest in ultrafast magnetization dynamics.

Shany Mary Oommen - Shany received her BS-MS dual degree majoring in Physics (Chemistry minor) from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhopal in 2016. She previously worked on transient absorption spectroscopy in chalcogenide glasses and ultrafast optical studies in graphene-gold and graphene-MoS2 heterostructures under the supervision of Prof. K.V. Adarsh. Recently she worked on electrolithography under the supervision of Profs. R. Pratap and P. Kumar at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. She is now pursuing a MSc degree in Physics at The HEATED Lab at York University. Her research interests include experimental condensed matter physics and material sciences, nanofabrication, ultrafast optics and spectroscopy.

Mizanur Rahman - Mizanur received his B.Sc. and M.S in Physics from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh in 2014 and 2016. For his master’s thesis he worked on electron transmission through non-tunneling regime of a semiconductor nanostructure called Coupled Quantum Well under the supervision of Professor Dr. Sujaul Haque Chowdhury. He is now pursuing a M.Sc. degree in Physics at the HEATED Lab at York University. His research interests include experimental condensed matter physics and material sciences, electronic and heat transport in nanoscale devices and materials, and nanofabrication.



Qinyi Wang - undergraduate student (2016-17), now pursuing a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering at National University of Singapore.

Ygor Pereira Alvarez - undergraduate summer student (2016), now pursuing a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering at Federal University of São Carlos.

Ali Siyad - undergraduate student (2015-16), now pursuing a bachelor's degree in Physics at York University.

Abdul-Hadi Zubair - undergraduate summer student (2015), now at Orchard International.